: : Gemini Full Moon : : 12/12/19

▼♊︎↡ FULL : MOON x GEMINI ↟♊︎▲



Community + Communication + Communion


“In that precise moment she chose to drop her barriers, everything, including her, was finally set free.”

The last full moon of 2019 lights our skies with the reverence of compassion within the vibration of comparison : the twinned full moon in gemini speaks to our minds eye in the radical acceptance of who we are ((and who others are)) AS WE ARE : not as we wish ourselves to be or how we want to make others fit into a box overburdened by our personal perception of what we ‘need’, but coming to a place of complacency and communion with the power of seeing ourselves and the other as we TRULY ARE.


Gemini, the cosmic twins of the zodiac, rules the full moon’s rise in all her glory on Dec 12that 12:12am in the western skies. She is the moon of union, the moon of communication and sparks in the atmosphere a lively disillusion of separation for the sake of connection, communion and communication. We have spent 2019 restructuring our lives, tearing down the walls to our own inhibitions, being faced with challenge after challenge that nudged us into the divine reciprocity of surrender and clarity. There have been great changes within our beings, stripped down layer by layer, to reveal to us the luminous layer of love that resides underneath EACH and every one of us-even after all these years.


As the sign of duality, Gemini brings us the reflective wisdom of comparison and acceptance : we are given the opportunity to catalyze our barriers and transform them into bridges of union when we are able to stop resisting each other AS WE ARE and are courageous enough to stop resisting ourselves AS WE ARE. We are both shadow and light, ego and spirit : and it is in the union of this single being (YOU) that we are actively creating in this time + space to greet ourselves fully : without the expectation of others to fill (unknowingly) a need, want or desire that is TRULY only in our handsto give unto : ourselves :.


Even in the greatest moments of fear, separation and anxiety : you are your own maker. You are your own molder, and you choose ((at any moment)) how to mold the precious clay of your divine wild spirit to mend even the most legendary of scars on your being : and only you and you alone can do that. And when we realize we are both source and replenishment in one : we are able to dance with the power of truth in the vibration of unity : we are able to show up FULLY AS WE ARE and accept others, just as they ARE : and truly, truly, set ourselves ((and each other)) FREE.