Cancer Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse

Come back to yourself, and you will always find home.

Waking into the reciprocity of her soul, the Cancer Full Moon Lunar eclipse : opposing Saturn, Mars and Mercury but equally trined with Neptune : gives rise to an emotional tide of : awareness : that even in our moments of anger, grief or sadness : gifts us the opportunity of forgiveness, love and compassion.

La Luna rests in her home sign of the nurturing mother of the cosmos : she beckons to us a call to : remember : what it is to be connected to not only ourselves, but all of creation. As her trined lunation to dreamy and hopeful, intuitive Neptune brings with it a softening into the mystery of the art of creation : she also gives rise to our shadow in opposition : where our forceful, will driven, mind focused I AM weeps for the whispered incantations of a mother’s love.

Our emotions, whether dark or light, joyful or fueled with anger are all sacred. In a modern society where we are constantly grasping to the ‘high vibe’ culture : we have forgotten how sacred our grief can be. We have forgotten that, no matter the emotion : it gives us the opportunity to MOVE, to LISTEN, to EXPRESS and to CHOOSE differently. Our expectation to always be in a positive state has left us with a shadow so big that it is screaming for our attention. The lunar eclipse not only asks us to be compassionate and evoke unconditional love : it asks us to be the fierce mothers of this world and bring the power of compassion and love even into the darkest of places : within our society, within ourselves, within each other and most importantly, for the future of this planet.

The art of mothering is one grounded in the firm stability of constant compassion and forgiveness : it is the energy of getting little to no sleep in order to care for someone outside of ourselves. It is the devotion that quivers in the wake of its own realization of how deeply we can love : and surprises us each and every day with its depth that not only reaches into the wells of another : but reflects it equally back into ourselves.

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse : take a moment to REFLECT + LISTEN before you REACT. Take a moment to breath, and as emotions rise to the surface : as they always do in watery Cancer : follow the advice of RUMI and invite each of your emotions in as a house guest, one just as sacred as the other and devote sometime to listen to them. They all arise from the (appeared) lack or presence of love in your life : : how can you fill your wells to soften into the reciprocity of the caring, nurturing mother within you? How can you soothe the child within you that longs for the care, love, devotion or support that you may or may not have received as the adult that you are now? It is time to lay down the stories of why you think things are not working in your life : and listen not only to things that are : : but change the story line altogether : : so that you may nurture a life that is not riddled with the stories of the past : : but flourishes with the power of the future.

_ _ _

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Ritual

Under the light of the full moon, step outside and bask in her glow. As her soft gentle light envelopes you, bring a journal and pen and begin to reflect on all the emotions you have felt just in this day. Record the moments of the day, whether happiness and joy or frustration and anger. Then reflect on a moment in your life where grief, anger or frustration fueled a positive action in your life. Perhaps grief stirred you to release tears and brought you into a meditative state or anger fueled a decision to finally leave a situation, relationship or repeating experience in your life you were no longer willing to cultivate. Connect the constellation of your emotions through your experience and reflect on their power in the shadow (grief, hurt anger etc.) to create light (joy, happiness and love). Last, reflect on an area in your life that is going well and reflect on an area in your life where you would like to improve. Do the same exercise and find a way to connect these two areas of your life. For example, if your career is flourishing and you love what you do but want to cultivate more romantic love your life, take the love you feel for your career and apply it to what you adore about yourself. Connect the dots, bring together the constellation of the mother within you and nurture yourself with compassion and devotion.

Read this journal entry or reflect on these writings in/ near a body of water (showers and baths count too!) every day for 3 days. With each day, the connection of your emotions will increase and so will the flow of compassion within your being. At the culmination of the 3 days, take your journal entry and place into a bottom of a pot with your seed of choice. As you water and nurture this seed, your compassion, love and flourishing fluidity in the part of your life you would like more compassion, love and support in will grow.